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Membrane Pump System II
Same as Membrane vacuum pump MP20 but includes separator (Woulff's bottle), base plate and holder for separator
  • Evacuation and transfer of aggressive gases
  • High vapor and condensate tolerance
  • End vacuum 8 mbar
  • Max. delivery 20 l/min
All membrane vacuum pumps are gas-tight, 100% oil-free, maintenance-free and quiet. Applications are (depending on max. pump delivery) evacuation and transfer of air, gases and vapors (e.g. Geldryers, Vacu-Blot, Dot Blot), rotary evaporation, vacuum filtration or vacuum distillation of solvents with high boiling point.

All pumps are provided with an adjustable vacuum gauge and manometer. For use in combination with geldryers we recommend the pump systems. The systems are delivered with a separator connected to the pump inlet to prevent contamination of the pump with liquids.

System II