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Mini Oven OV3
Bottle incubation covering the whole range of hybridisation methods
Safe containment
Reduced consumption of hybridisation solution
Ambient +10°C to 85°C
Accessories included: 4 borosilicate bottles, 5 meshes
Shaking platform for prehybridisation

The Biometra hybridisation oven OV3 utilises a heavy duty rotisserie for a variety of different glass bottles. Employing so-called “bottle-angling” a continuous flow of buffer across the complete surface of the hybridisation membranes is generated and the volume necessary for hybridisation can be decreased significantly.

Ease of handling
The inside diameters of bottle necks and bodies have the same size, allowing membranes to be easily inserted and removed. Bubble formation and leaking of hybridisation bags is avoided. Nylon separation meshes permit each borosilicate bottle to accommodate several membranes simultaneously. Or large, overlapping membranes can be used.

Metal-framed, double glass doors allow easy visualization of what is inside the oven. Additionally, the user is safely protected from low energy radiation like β emission. The stainless steel drip tray safely contains spills that may occur, permitting far easier clean-up than would be the case with contaminated water baths.
  Shaking platform
For all users performing hybridisation or other temperature-controlled incubations on a plane surface the oven OV3 contains a shaking platform. The speed of the platform can be varied according to the different incubation protocols and needs.

Number of hybridisation chambers 1
Shaker with variable speed up to 60 rpm Yes
Temperature range RT+ 10°C to 85°C Yes
  large bottles (30 cm) 6
  medium-sized bottles (15 cm) 12
  small bottles (10 cm) 12
Adjustable rotor speed Yes
Front cover Vacuum glass door
Footprint (W x D, cm) 44 x 37
Weight (kg) 25