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S-250/450D Digital Sonifier® Cell Disruptor
The Branson range of ultrasonic cell disrupters have been used for biological research applications since 1960. The Sonifier® products have grown into a full line of products and accessories to meet the demanding needs of this rapidly expanding market. Today Branson is a world leader in this technology. Most common applications using sonification include:

Cell disruption to separate cell liquid from membranes and nucleus
Tissue disruption, especially on "difficult tissues" such as muscle,
skin, heart, uterus etc.
Extraction of plasma membrane proteins of plants eg gamma
Isolating subcellular organels ie chloroplasts, nucleus, mitochondria,
protoplasts and proteins within a few seconds
Emulsifying immiscible liquids. Fat can be emulsified without injuring
Homogenizing dispersions - conventional homogenising techniques
(15min) can be replaced by about 10 seconds of sonification
Acceleration of chemical and biological reactions increased
significantly by sonification

Branson Sonifier digital products take advantage of the new digital tecknology. This is particularly useful where precise process control and parameter measurement are required. Includes enhanced features like:

Multiple mode operation; continuous, pulsed, timed, temperature
Digital parameter settings with automatic range validity auditing
Automatic end-of-cycle shutoff using limit parameters
Self diagnostics on startup
Twenty user-programmed presets for convenience