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U-slide Immune fluorescence

The µ-Slide integrates cell cultivation in a microscopy carrier. Staining and localization of proteins is possible without transferring the cells. The high optical quality of the µ-Slides allows the use of confocal microscopy.

U-slide Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)

The µ-Slide is suited optimally for high resolution microscopy applications, such as the identification of chromosomal disturbances, phylogenetic studies and the taxonomic characterization of microorganisms.

U-slide In situ expression of proteins

Within the µ-Slides, living cells can be observed for several hours.This allows time-resolved measurements, for applications such as "protein shuttling", or the localization via GFP reporter genes.

U-slide Toxicology and drug screening

The µ-Slide has a standard microscopy carrier format and can be used for highly automated screening methods run in parallel. In high throughput screening, the influence of active substances on sµable cell lines, as well as on primary cells, can be analyzed.

U-slide Chemotaxis

In the channel of the µ-Slides well defined gradients can be produced which remain stable for several hours. Thus allowing the induction of the chemotaxis of µacrophages by neurotransmitters/neuropeptides to be examined.

U-slide Simulation of blood vessels

The µ-Slide is manufactured from only one high-quality biocompatible plastic which supports confluent growth µ of animal and human endothelial cells. Numerous medical applications, like the efficiency of drugs against arteriosklerosis, are presently tested in rolling and adhesion studies.

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