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U-slide Cell imaging

The -Dish integrates cell cultivation in a microscopy carrier. Staining and localization of proteins is possible without transferring the cells. The high optical quality of the -Dish allows the use of all microscopical techniques.

U-slide Cell manipulation

The -Dish allows easy cell manipulation. The small height of the system allows manipulation of cells even under very small angles of e.g. micropipettes. It is also possible to investigate the cells in DIC mode.


1) open position, easy opening

2) close position, for long term studies, minimal evaporation

U-slide -Dish

> DIC and phase contrast
> Fluorescence imaging
> Live cell imaging
> Perfect gas exchange
> Almost no evaporation
The superior quality of the bottom allows unmatched optical imaging with the -Dish. The -Dish combines DIC, fluorescence measurements, phase contrast, and oil immersion measurements with a superb and easy handling.

U-slide Long term cell analysis

Our tissue culture treated surface guaranties optimal cell growth and proliferation. The "lock position" allows a very tight fitting of the lid, while the gas penetrates through the bottom of the -Dish. Therefore, long term cultivation is easily performed, with almost no evaporation.