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Choose from two different brands of microplate shaker - the Orbis shaker has a small footprint and is ideal for any lab on a budget needing a simple Microplate shaker. The BioShake IQ is a top of the range ultra-fast heated microplate shaker capable of mixing a range of tubes or microplates up to 3,000rpm. Other heated shakers only achieve 1500rpm which is too slow for efficient mixing in 384 or 1536 well plates. The Bioshake XP is a non-incubated version. It can also be used without the need for an adpator to shake any standard plate with a conventional SBS format.
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Laboratory bench space is costly. However with a footprint which is just marginally larger than that of the microplate it shakes, orbis offers the most economical and advanced solution for your shaking applications.

Shaking orbit 1mm radius.
Shaking speed range 950rpm - 1300 rpm.
Timer function 1-180 minutes & continuous (Orbis Plus only)
Operating voltage 110-230V

Bioshake iQ heated microplate shaker

Ref: QI-1808-0506

Bioshake iQ adapter for 96 well RB plates

Ref: QI-1808-1031

Products | Hybridisation and Microarray | Heating Blocks | BioShake