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MiniGel-Twin Electrophoresis Apparatus
For vertical PAGE and 2D-gel electrophoresis
  • Gel size: 7.7 x 8.6cm
  • Fixed spacers
  • Excellent sealing system
  • Easier handling
  • Shorter running times
  • High resolution
  • Injection-moulded
  • Easier loading of samples due to shaded separation chamber
  • For all 8 x 10cm and 10 x 10cm pre-cast and self-cast gels
  • High resolution allows diagnosis of point mutations by SSCP analysis

MiniGel-Twin Electrophoresis Apparatus
Twin-gel system with optimized design. Each gel measures 7.7 cm (L) x 8.6 cm (W), allowing separation of up to 40 samples in one run. One-gel operation is possible.

A useful assessory for Minigel (-Twin) is the Gel stand. Up to 6 separate glass plates or sets of glass plates can be held in this tray for drying and storing.

Product Highlights
  • Very durable glass plates - no extra expenses for additional glass plates
  • Absolutely no leaking during gel casting (profiled silicone rubber seal)
  • Fixed spacers
  • Very easy to set up
  • Suitable for protein and DNA applications
  • Includes complete sets of accessories - ready to use
  • Big choice of further accessories available
Applications for MiniGel-Twin
Visualisation of point mutations using SSCP electrophoresis
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Gel size: (W x L) 8.6 x 7.7 cm
Glass plate size: (W x L) 10.5 x 9.8 cm
Number of gels: 2

Assembly of glass plates
Glass Plates