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For gentle blotting of large and temperature-sensitive proteins
  • Best suited for large proteins and proteins difficult to blot as well as native enzymes
  • Fast, efficient and reproducible transfer of proteins
  • Effective cooling due to large-surface sidewall-integrated cooling jacket
  • Simultaneous blotting of up to four 10 x 10 cm gels
For gentle blotting of large and temperature-sensitive proteins

During tankblotting proteins are transferred in a vertical buffer tank between electrodes arranged on the sidewalls.

In the Tankblot a cooling jacket is integrated into the sidewalls. This results in convective chilling by circulation: the temperature is distributed more homogeneously than with other designs (+/– 0.5°C at 6°C buffer temperature). This special design also prevents formation of ion gradients.

The Tankblot is recommended particularly for blotting of large molecules (> 100 resp. 200 kDa, depending on the proteins´composition) or of proteins which are difficult to transfer.

The Tankblot is the instrument of choice also for native (temperature-sensitive) enzymes. By selecting an appropriate buffer, transfer can be fast (between 30 min. and 4 h) or, under exceptionally gentle conditions, overnight (ca. 12 h). Thanks to the big buffer volume of 1.2 liters transfer times of more than 24 h can be realized, e. g. for gentle blotting of very big proteins.