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Rotaphor™ Electroporation System
Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE) system
  • Separation of very large DNA molecules (up to 6Mb)
  • Exceptional resolution
  • Electrode rotor allows free choice of electrical field angles
  • Software included Gel to Gel visual comparison
Rotating Field Electrophoresis (ROFE)
Pulsed Field Electrophoresis with the Rotaphor allows separation of DNA beyond the 50kb limit of conventional Agarose electrophoresis. Thanks to the freely rotating electrode rotor, electrical fields can be applied in any angle. To achieve homogeneous fields, each of the two main electrodes are flanked by 2 sets of secondary electrodes.

Due to the unique design of the Rotaphor system, all common techniques for separation of large DNA molecules can be applied. This includes methods like CHEF, FIGE, PAGE and naturally ROFE. In contrast to conventional PFGE systems with fixed electrodes, the Rotaphor system allows any field angle, providing a reproducible, homogeneus electrical field.

Buffer Management
Since typical PFGE gels run for many hours (up to several days), the buffer must be cooled and circulated. Therefore the Rotaphor System is connected to a cooling thermostat. The Rotaphor system has a built-in pump that provides a homogeneous buffer flow. Buffer temperature is precisely monitored and controlled by the Rotaphor software.

Easy Control
The Rotaphor system includes a PC (excluding monitor) which is used for controlling the system. The Rotaphor 6.0 software provides 17 pre-set programs for separation of various size ranges. Starting with the pre-set parameters, new applications are quickly optimized. Gel images can be loaded into the software and viewed along with the corresponding program. Thus the Rotaphor software over time will not only be a control tool, but also a library of successful experiments linked to the underlying separation parameters.

Rotaphor 6.0
Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis System for separation of high molecular DNA (up to 6 Mbase). Thanks to the patented Rotaphor technology an unparalleld resolution of high molecular DNA is achieved. The Rotaphor technology also provides powerful separation of linear and circular DNA molecules.

Gel chamber
• Freely rotating electrode rotor with 14 platinum electrodes (270 max angle)
• Integrated buffer circulation pump
• Internal cooling circuit for connection of an external thermostat
• Temperature sensor
• 2.4 l buffer volume
• Acrylic glass safety lid (automatic shut off when lid is lifted)
• Dimensions 35 cm x 47cm x 25cm (W x D x H)

Gel Tray
• Adjustable feet for horizontal leveling
• 20 x 20 cm gel format
• 18 cm separation distance

PC (included)
• 265 Mbytes RAM
• 40 Gbytes hard disk
• 40 x CDROM
• Control interface for Rotaphor electrophoresis chamber
• Installed Rotaphor 6.0 control software

Rotaphor 6.0 Software
• 17 optimized programs for separation of samples from 100 bp up to 6 Mbase
• Easy creation of new programs (angle, Voltage, Pulse length)
• Programs can be linked to create complex separation pattern
• Program in- or decremental field vectors (linear or logarithmic)
• Program in- or decremental pulse length
• Program Voltage for Electrophoresis 0-225Volt (0 8,5 V / cm)
• Precise control of buffer temperature (5 22 C)
• For each program a real gel picture can be loaded / displayed
• Convenient User administration
• Comprehensive online help

Power Supply
• Rotaphor 6.0 Interface
• Voltage: 0 300 V
• Current: 0 450 mA
• Dimensions: 52 mm x 222 mm x 202 mm (H x W x D)
• Weight 1.7 kg

Rotaphor™ Electroporation System