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Gel Dryers
  • With optimal sealing of the rubber mask
  • Temperature regulation between 20 and 90°C
  • Timer with LED display
Biometra’s geldryers, highly appreciated for their durability, very quiet operation and reliability, are for drying vertical slab gels and provide optimal drying for all types of gels. The dryers feature temperature regulation between ambient temperature and 90°C.

The gels are heated from below and the vacuum removes the moisture from below to dry the gel homogeneously. When applying the vacuum a groove that frames the drying surface provides an optimum tight seal during the drying period.

All gel dryers are equipped with a timer, which also shows how much drying time is left.

Membrane pumps MP26, MP20 and MP40 are suitable for use with the MiniDry.

MiniDry Gel Dryer
The Minidry has a drying surface of 18 x 18 cm and is for laboratories with low throughput.

The Mididry has a drying surface of 30 x 40 cm and is for laboratories that dry several gels at once.

The Maxidry has a drying surface of 40 x 60 cm and is for drying sequencing gels or multiple large gels
(Multigel-Long, Maxigel).