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For Efficient Southern and Northern Blotting
  • Fast and efficient transfer of DNA or RNA
  • Large buffer tank permits easy recycling of transfer buffer
  • Reliable and quiet pump with adjustable vacuum

Fast Transfer
Transfer of nucleic acids to membranes during Southern or Northern analysis is traditionally done by capillary blotting, a time-consuming procedure that usually takes 12 hours to complete. With vacuum blotting, transfer times can be reduced to 15 - 60 minutes.

Vacu-Blot is built for long life. It features a solid and durable construction made of acryl. A reliable sealing system guarantees efficient transfer and short working times. The large tank allows easy recycling of buffer and protects the pump from buffer aspiration.

The Vacu-Blot System was designed to offer maximum flexibility - the sealing platform accommodates gels of all thicknesses and sizes up to 20 x 20 cm while the vacuum pump has adjustable pressure down to 100 mbar absolute.
VacuBlot Gel VacuBlot Gel
DNA transfer with vacuum blotting (right) is more efficient than capillary transfer (left).
VacuBlot Diagram