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Dot Blot 96
Trouble-free handling guaranteed.
  • Innovative sealing system
  • No cross-contamination
  • Microtiter plate format
  • Adjustable vacuum via vacuum pump
Dot Blot 96 applications:
  • Screening of recombinant clones
  • Anionic binding
  • Screening of cell surface antigens
  • Diagnostics of genetic disorders

DotBlot 96
The Dot Blot 96 system permits rapid and efficient analysis of DNA, RNA and protein samples.

Easy to use
The Dot Blot 96 works without movable O-rings, making it extremely easy to set up. Its innovative sealing system eliminates lateral leakage that can cause cross-contamination between wells. Each well is numbered and lettered in the standard 96-well plate format. Multichannel pipettors for rapid handling of samples can be used. The maximum well volume is 350µl.

High capacity
Dot Blot 96 features a buffer tank design that eliminates the need for trapping bottles, facilitates buffer recycling, and protects any vacuum pump from buffer aspiration. Dot Blot 96 Trouble-free handling guaranteed.