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LIQUID acrylamides
Severn Biotech's pre-mixed acrylamide solutions are made from ultrapure reagents to exacting standards, ensuring crystal clear gels giving reliable and reproducible results. Guaranteed for 6 months if stored at 4°C in a dark area. Varying ratios are available to suit a variety of applications.

Ready-To-Use Manual Sequencing Gel Solutions
This range of acrylamide solutions contain TBE buffer and Urea. As with the acrylamide solutions, these products are made from ultrapure reagents to exacting standards. These solutions are guaranteed for 6 months if stored at 4°C in the dark.

Automated Sequencing Gel
This range of acrylamide solutions has been developed for use in all popular automatic sequencers and come in a choice of four dilutions.

Polymerisation Reagents
Ammonium persulphate (APS) powder and a TEMED solution are available for use with the liquid Acrylamide to ensure consistent polymerisation.

  • All solutions manufactured using 18 mega-ohm Molecular Biology Grade water
  • Filtered through 0.45µm glass fibre and nylon to eliminate particulate matter
  • DNase, RNase & protease free
  • Batch tested to ensure reproducibility
  • Sequencing grade solutions - no background fluorescence
  • Produce consistently crystal-clear gels with reproducible results
  • Available at a variety of concentrations, including a stock solution for greater economy