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Severn Biotech's range of high-quality agaroses are all prepared to exacting standards which ensure that the products can be relied on time after time to produce optimal performance. By altering critical characteristics, the agaroses have been developed to meet the specific requirements of a diverse range of applications. The main characteristics are:
  • Melting / gelling temperatures
  • Gel strength
  • Electroendosmosis (EEO)
Gels with low melting temperatures (below the temperature at which DNA denatures) allow DNA to remain intact on melting, thus enabling easy purification of nucleic acid using b-agarase. SB Low Gel and Recovery will remain liquid for several hours at temperatures compatible with many in-gel enzymatic reactions and can be performed without having to separate the nucleic acids from the media. High gel strength is important if the application involves handling and mechanical manipulation such as Southern or Northern blotting. Finally the EEO (the movement of non-charged molecules through a medium towards the cathode during electrophoresis) of an agarose will determine the mobility of certain macromolecules within the gel. Low EEO values allow nucleic acids to migrate faster thereby improving their resolution since migration is determined by size only.

The agaroses within Severn Biotech's range can be used for a wide variety of applications from nucleic acid separation to immunoelectrophoresis and from tissue cell culture to viral plaque assays. Recommended applications are indicated with the description of each agarose type.
AGAROSE grades

SB Molecular Biology
This gel is an energetic all-rounder ideal for routine analytical nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis. The low EEO imparts a high electrophoretic mobility to macromolecules enabling shorter electrophoretic runs with enhanced band resolution. The high gel strength makes this agarose suitable for Southern & Northern blotting techniques. Also ideal for Ouchterlony & radial immunodiffusion (RID) techniques.

SB Fine Gel
SB Fine Gel is a standard melting temperature agarose with a high gel strength designed for analytical electrophoresis. It is ideal for fine resolutions of small DNA, RNA & PCR fragments from 30 - 2, 000 bp and Southern & Northern blotting techniques.

SB Low Gel
SB Low Gel is subjected to rigorous testing, including several enzymatic performance measurements to ensure the separated DNA can be used with common Molecular Biology techniques such as cloning, PCR, restriction digestion, ligation and labelling. It is ideal for separating and resolving small PCR products (< 1 kb). DNA extraction is unnecessary since cloning, PCR and sequencing reactions can be carried out in the presence of the remelted agarose gel.

The low gelling temperature allows heat labile substances to be incorporated in the gel, thus making it suitable for culture and/or immobilisation of bacteria, yeast & higher eukaryotic cells.

SB DNA Grade
SB DNA Grade has been developed to provide a low melting and low gelling temperature agarose, with enhanced sieving properties and optimal clarity. It is suitable for preparative electrophoresis of nucleic acids and proteins and is also ideal for the cloning of tissue culture cells and viral plaque assays.

Recommended Applications
RNA/DNA Separation >1 kb X X X X
Resolution of PCR Fragments X X X  
Southern & Northern Blots X X X  
Fingerprinting X      
DNA Isolation X      
Protein Electrophoresis X      
Glycoprotein Electrophoresis        
Immunoglobin Electrophoresis        
In-Gel Manipulations I     X  
Immuno-assay Techniques     X  
Tissue Cell Culture     X  
Immobilisation of Cells     X  
Preparative DNA Fragment Isolation       X
Tissue Culture Cell Cloning       X
Viral Plaque Assays       X