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ENHANCED Autoradiography
  • Direct alternative to fluorography
  • A less hazardous low cost alternative to fluorography
  • Materials used in EA are environmentally friendly, easy and safe to handle, store, transport and dispose of
  • Time saving process requires no expensive capital equipment
  • Generally non-destructive of the sample which may be recovered
  • Method of detection is film, which gives highest possible resolution
Enhanced Autoradiography is an innovative process which dramatically improves the detection efficiency of low energy radionuclides, such as Tritium(3H), Carbon-14C (14C) and Sulphur-35 (35S) on a flat matrix, e.g. PAGE/Agarose blots, paper, polyester/aluminium backed TLC plates, etc. This significantly reduces the time required to obtain experimental results from 8-10 weeks down to 3-4 days.

Wax supplied in 20ml syringes suitable for between 8-10 samples per syringe. Comes complete with the 20x20cm Silicone Release Membranes (SRM).
Enhanced Autoradiography
E.coli global protein change during GroELS depletion. 2D gel labelled with 35S, electroblotted to a PVDF membrane. The Enhanced Autoradiography process is applied then laid down on film for 72 hours.
A similar image could not be obtained in a 2-3 week exposure with the MD phosphor imager. Image courtesy of Dr J. Accord, Edinburgh University