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TProfessional module Gradient 96 for 96 tubes (0.2 ml), stri

Ref: BM-070-811
Manufacturer: Biometra

Please call the office for delivery times: 01698 33 88 44

The TProfessional Thermocycler offers three different block modules. To achieve ultimate performance the 96 well modules are made of silver. Due to its excellent heat conductivity, silver equilibrates extremely quickly, thus providing maximum speed and temperature uniformity. To protect the valuable silver blocks against corrosion, the block surfaces are covered with a thin gold layer.

The 96 well silver block is designed for daily routine work and can be used with 0.2ml tubes, strips or microplates. For rapid optimisation of new protocols, a 96 well Gradient version is available. The third block module is designed for use with 384 well plates. All block modules can be easily exchanged in less than 10 seconds.




High Speed
Large graphical Display
Gradient version available
Exchangeable Blocks

Blocks exchangeable


Block formats

60 well

96 well

384 well

Program memory

350 average programs

Temperature range

3 - 99 °C

Temperature gradient**

40 °C

Cool samples to 4 °C


Max. Heating*

6.0 °C/sec

Avg. Heating*

5.0 °C/sec

Max. Cooling*

4.5 °C/sec

Avg. Cooling*

3.5 °C/sec

Temperature Uniformity

(15 sec after clock starts)

± 0.15 °C at 55 °C

± 0.25 °C at 70 °C

± 0.50 °C at 95 °C

Control accuracy

± 0.1 °C


¼ VGA screen,

320 x 240 pixel

Auto restart after power failure


Programming modes

Easy Spreadsheet Programming (ESP)

Graphical programming

Software options

Toggle between spreadsheet and graphical mode, gradient temperature graph*, adjustable ramp rates, extended self test, service files, automatic block recognition, PC control

Quick start of the last 5 programs


High Precision Smart Lid


Lid temperature range

30 - 99 °C

Max. power consumption

480 Watt

Noise emission

Very low


RS232 serial port


(W x D x H)

28 cm x 38 cm x 24 cm