u-Slide Angiogenesis, T/C treated, sterile, pk15u-Slide Angiogenesis, T/C treated, sterile, pk15

Ref: IB-81506
Manufacturer: Ibidi

(Excluding VAT at 20%)


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µ-Slide for cell microscopy on or in 3D-gel matrices, providing flat gel surfaces with a minimum of gel used

  • Flat gel surface -> all cells in focus
  • Homogeneous 0.8mm thick gel layer
  • 4mm well in 5mm well
  • Use only 10µl of gel per well*
  • Tested for cell compatibility
  • Low evaporation
  • Compatible with multi channel pipettes

*The gel matrix is not part of the product.

The Slide Angiogenesis provides standard slide format according to ISO 8037/1. The lateral well to well distance of 9 mm (like 96 well plates) allows using multichannel pipettes.


The Slide Angiogenesis can be used for the following assays:

  • Fill the inner well with a gel matrix and culture pieces of tissue or cell spheroids on it
  • Fill the inner well with cells suspended inside a gel matrix
  • Culture cells without a gel matrix directly in the minor wells. Use approx. 3 x 105 cells/ml and a volume of 10 µl. After cell attachment, add 50 µl cell-free medium to fill the upper well. Please keep in mind that the uncoated vers