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Ref: IB-80302
Manufacturer: Ibidi


Please call the office for delivery times: 01698 33 88 44

µ-slide for stable gradients, 3 chambers on one slide for chemotaxis and migration assays

  • Long term chemotaxis experiments with adherent cells
  • Ready to use system, no assembling
  • Linear gradients, stable for over 48 hours
  • 3 chambers on one slide for parallel working
  • Adaptors for different pipettes
  • Made for high end video microscopy

µ-Slide Chemotaxis consists of two reservoirs connected by a very thin observation volume - one reservoir filled with neutral solution, the other reservoir filled with the chemoattractant solution. The adherent cells are grown on the bottom of the observation area. Across the observation area (1 mm) a linear gradient of the chemoattractant solution is formed by diffusion. Specially designed plugs serve to hinder evaporation, and stabilize the diffusion gradient.

Video Microscopy Assays

The Slide Chemotaxis was especially developed for video microscopy assays. At specific time intervals, pictures are taken from the observation area. The time interval between photo frames is dependant upon the speed of cell migration, such that the faster cells move, the more frames per minute are taken.


The design ensures long term gradient stability and allows for cell observation over time periods greater than forty-eight (48) hours. In the majority of cases, movies produces between hours 12 and 24 (post gradient establishment) will provide optimum results. Provided the microscopes used are equipped with motorized stages and automated image acquisition software, the design of three chambers on one slide will allow for three simultaneous measurements on one microscope.

Volume per reservoir = 40µl. Pack of 10 slides