Nichiryo Hybrid Pipette
Nichiryo's new HYBRID pipette is a unique combination of all that is best in electronic and manual liquid handling techniques. The ergonomic styling ensures that the comfortable hand-held design allows repetitive pipetting to be a pleasure rather than a chore. In other words "A Star is Born"! (or more accurately "A Star is Created").

Nichiryo chose to consult both experts from the electronic design industry and scientists in their search for a finished product that end-users will find a pleasure to use. With typical Japanese efficiency the resulting HYBRID pipette is both user friendly and naturally comfortable to hold. At last repetitive strain mainly caused by extended "gripping" of most liquid handling devices will be consigned to the history books.

Get a FREE charging stand with EVERY multichannel HYBRID or with 2 single channel models

Hybrid Pipette
Hybrid Pipette Stand   The new HYBRID is immediately available in two single channel volume ranges. The NHB-200 operates between 20-200µl and the NHB-1000 between 100-1000ul. Each model comes supplied with its own recharging adapter. An optional charging stand for 2 pipettes is also available. A full charge lasts for approximately 2000 pipettings.

The HYBRID allows the operator a choice of operating modes:
Mode 1 - manual pipetting
Mode 2 - electronic pipetting
Mode 3 - electronic multi-pipetting
Mode 4 - electronic sequential pipetting
Mode 5 - electronic dilution
Mode 6 - electronic mixing
Mode 7 - electronic measuring
Mode 8 - calibration mode
  Hybrid Pipette Multichannel