NSP-7000R Multichannel Auto Sampling System

NSP-7000R MULTI CHANNEL AUTO SAMPLING SYSTEM The NSP-7000R is a new improved version of the popular NSP-7000 liquid handling system. It is a compact multi-channel auto sampling system with five dispensing modes to allow REAGENT DISPENSING, SAMPLE DISPENSING, SERIAL DILUTION and ON PLATE TRANSFER. More complex liquid handling procedures can be performed by linking the modes in a COMBINATION file.

Equipped with a 12 channel head, the system is capable of processing 96 well plates in 8 or 12 channel orientation. During processing, the integral vibrating mixer ensures that the sample is well mixed.

The instrument is a standalone system and is easy to use and fully programmable using the integral keypad. Up to 100 mode files or 40 combi files can be stored making it the ideal choice for labs with low to medium throughput where accuracy and reproducibility are essential.
  • 3 position sliding work table accepts tip rack, reservoir and micro-plate in 8 or 12 channel array
  • Built in keypad for easy programming and operation
  • Wide volume settings in 1ul increments from 5 to 220ul
  • Vibrating micro-plate mixer built in as standard
  • Compact design and footprint
Auto Sampling System

Function Low - Medium throughput
Compatible microplates 96 well plates
Instrument volume range 1-2200µl
Nozzle head 12 Channel
Nozzle head volume 12x220µl
Calibrated range 5-220µl
Min volume increment 1ul
AC (%) at max. volume 0.8
CV (%) at max. volume <0.8
Positions on worktable 3 positions
Number of stackers N/A
Capacity per stacker N/A
Sample mixing method Pipette action and vibrating mixer
Required tips Nichiryo HT series or compatible tips
Dimensions 330mm
Weight ~42kg
Power source 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz
Operating System N/A