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Hydrophobic Filter Barrier - DNase & RNase free
  • Prevents sample cross contamination
  • Gamma sterilised
  • Ideal for radioactive, biohazardous and corrosive samples
Axygen hydrophobic filter barrier tips prevent cross-contamination of sample fluids or sample vapours from contacting the pipettes's shaft. Should contamination occur using a non-barrier tip, the pipette would have to be stripped, cleaned, sanitised, re-tipped and the sample re-loaded!!

Axygen racked filter barrier tips are pre-sterilised by irradiation for extra insurance against contamination. These tips are ideal for DNA multiplication and microbiological applications including the handling of radioactive, biohazardous and corrosive samples. The tips come in sealed-bottom racks with hinged lids to prevent cross-contamination, or loose packed.
HYDROPHOBIC filter barrier