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Tough Tags
  • Standard Tough-tags for 0.5ml and 1.5ml microtubes
  • Teeny Tough-tags for PCR® tubes (20.5 x 7mm)
  • Laser Tough-tags for large volume printing
  • Spot Tough-tags for labelling caps of 0.5ml and 1.5ml microtubes
  • CryoBaby Tough-tags for cryogenic labelling down to -196°C
Tough-Tags are ideal for labelling microcentrifuge tubes and other small sample containers. They are manufactured in chemically inert polyester and have a strong adhesion to all plastics and other materials. Unlike conventional tape or paper materials, these labels withstand steam-autoclaving, boiling water baths, freezing to -80°C, plus brief contact with organic solvents and caustic agents without peeling, drying out or falling off. All forms of Tough-Tags have a matt surface for easy writing and are available in convenient sheets or rolls.
Tough Tags
Tough Tags