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Tpersonal ThermoCycler
Modern molecular biology techniques demand the use of powerful thermocyclers. Such machines have become a key element in all laboratories. In many cases, mainstream thermocyclers are permanently occupied with routine samples, leading to a bottleneck when the need arises to carry out special protocols with fewer samples. To meet the increasing demand for flexibility, we have designed the new Tpersonal thermocycler. Using the latest developments in Peltier technology we have built a machine that provides both maximum power and a small footprint.


Block   Three different block formats
The Tpersonal comes in three different block formats. The 48 well version can be used with 0.2 ml tubes, strips and 48 well microplates. This capacity outperforms any other cycler in this segment. The 20 well version is designed for 0.5 ml tubes. For maximum flexibility we also offer a Combi-block version. The Combi-block holds 48 x 0.2 ml tubes (strips or microplates) or 18 x 0.5 ml tubes.

Big display
The Tpersonal features a backlit graphical display. During cycling all important data points are displayed simultaneously. In the programming mode, the big display allows subsequent program steps to be viewed easily.

High speed
Using the latest in Peltier technology and a new block architecture the Tpersonal achieves outstanding heating and cooling rates.

Keypad   Easy to program
Programming the Tpersonal is very easy. All program parameters are set in one clear spreadsheet without the need to step through a never-ending flow of different screens. Navigation in this spreadsheet is easy by use of the four cursor keys. Online help is available for all fields of the programming spreadsheet. The four function keys provide quick access to important programming options. For maximum convenience programs can be stored in personal subdirectories.

Smart lid technology
The Tpersonal is the first personal cycler featuring ôsmart lidô technology. The adjustable heated lid applies a consistent, optimum pressure, irrespective of the type of plastic-ware used. This ensures a perfect fit between the tubes and the block, leading to highly efficient heat transfer. Due to this automatic control mechanism, the samples cannot be damaged and condensation of the reaction mixture is totally prevented.

Tpersonal 20 20 x 0.5ml tubes
Tpersonal 48 48 x 0.2ml tubes or
48 well microplates or 0.2ml strips
Tpersonal Combi-block 18 tubes 0.5 ml or 48 tubes 0.2 ml or
48 well microplates or 0.2 ml strips
Block aluminium
Temperature Range -3°C - 99°C
Max. Heating 3 °C/s
Max. Cooling 3 °C/s
Temperature uniformity ▒ 0.5°C
Control accuracy ▒ 0.1°C
Display LCD graphical display, back-lit
Program stores Total capacity: 1500 steps
10 directories with 100 programs each
Maximum 99 steps/program, maximum 99 cycles
Software Heating/cooling rates adjustable [0.01-3°C/s]
Temperature increment [up to ±20°C per cycle, 0.01°C steps]
Time increment [up to 240 s per cycle]
Automatic/manual pause mode
Auto restart after power failure
Online help
Language selection: German/English
Heated Lid Smart lid technology for automatic pressure control
Height adjustable
Temperature programable 30-110°C
Automatic switch off
Interfaces Serial RS232 port (bi-directional data transfer)
Parallel Centronics (printer)
Port for in tube sensor
Power consumption Maximum 260 W
Dimensions (W x L x H) 21.7 x 30.7 x 14.9 cm
Weight 6.7kg