Tpersonal ThermoCycler

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Tpersonal ThermoCyclerTpersonal ThermoCycler
Modern molecular biology techniques demand the use of powerful thermocyclers. Such machines have become a key element in all laboratories. In many cases, mainstream thermocyclers are permanently occupied with routine samples, leading to a bottleneck when the need arises to carry out special protocols with fewer samples. To meet the increasing demand for flexibility, we have designed the new Tpersonal thermocycler. Using the latest developments in Peltier technology we have built a machine that provides both maximum power and a small footprint.


Tpersonal 20 for 20 tubes (0.5 ml) DISCONTINUED

Ref: BM-050-550
20 wells for 0.5ml tubes (Manufacturer's part no. 050-550)

Tpersonal 48 for 48 tubes (0.2 ml) DISCONTINUED

Ref: BM-050-551
48 wells for 0.2ml tubes or 48 well microplates or 0.2ml strips (Manufacturer's part no. 050-551)

Tpersonal Combi DISCONTINUED

Ref: BM-050-552
18 x 0.5ml tubes or 48 x 0.2ml tubes, 48 well microplates or 0.2ml strips (Manufacturer's part no. 050-552)

Products | Thermal Cycling/PCR | Thermal Cyclers | Tpersonal ThermoCycler