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TB1 Thermoblock DriBlock Heaters
Precise incubation for a broad range of reaction tubes.
  • Precise temperature control
  • Dual block positions
  • 9 different block options
  • Softkey panel with LCD
  • Rapid heating up to 130°C

Precise temperature
The Thermoblock TB1 has been developed for incubation of reaction tubes at fixed temperatures. Temperature control is achieved by means of a Pt100 microsensor in order to reach outstanding block uniformity ( 0.2°C at 95°C).

Dual block design

Incubation of a magnitude of samples contained in different reaction tubes causes no problems for the TB1. The TB1 has a capacity for two blocks, i.e. either two single blocks or one combi block can be heated. Combinations of different single blocks allow simultaneous incubation of e.g. 15 ml Falcon tubes and 1.5 ml reaction tubes.


The waterproof front panel is slightly angled to facilitate data entry and temperature readings. It features soft keys for starting the block and entering temperatures up to 130°C. The large LCD displays the current temperature as precise as up to one decimal. The TB1 has a small footprint of 30 x 22 x 8 cm.