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Techne DriBlock Heaters
  • Up to three interchangeable blocks
  • Blocks for 0.5ml & 1.5ml microtubes
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
Techne Dri-Block® heaters, provide a safe, dry and constant temperature source in the laboratory within the range 25° to 105°C. Models DB-2A and DB-2D are designed to take two interchangeable aluminium insert blocks, model DB-3, three blocks whilst model DB-1M is primarily for Techne's Hi-Temp 96 well microplates.

Temperature control in model DB-1M is by 3 user-selectable, pre-set temperatures while in models DB-2A and DB-3 whose temperatures are infinitely variable, selection is by a rotary knob/dial in degrees Celsius. DB-2D and DB-3D have digital display and push-button temperature setting.

Where a single block only is required, blank plastic block(s) can be used to fill the spaces.
a full range of aluminium blocks are available for other sizes of tubes
- please call for details

DB-1M DB-2A DB-2D DB-3 DB-3D
Temperature range 25-105°C 25-100°C 25-100°C 25-100°C 25-100°C
Temperature stability at 40°C 0.05°C 0.05°C 0.05°C 0.05°C 0.1°C
Temperature setting 3 adjustable presets rotary knob push-button rotary knob push-button
Max temp variation between identical blocks @ 40°C 0.2°C 0.2°C 0.2°C 0.2°C 0.2°C
Temperature display - - Red LED 3 digit - Red LED 3 digit
(L x W x D), mm
202x260x135mm 202x260x105mm 202x260x105mm 279x226x105mm 279x226x105mm