Nichipet EX II


Key Features

Autoclavable Digital Micro Pipette

Nichipet EX II
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  • Fully autoclavable. ( 121℃ for 20 minutes )
  • Enhanced UV resistance.
  • Hyper Blower System, longer second – push stroke, improvesdispensing efficiency.(2μL, 10μL)
  • Easy digital volume setting.
  • Easy and convenient single hand locking lever.
  • Eight sizes to cover a wide volume range. ( 0.1μL – 10000μL )
  • PTFE ( Fluorine resin ) is used in the airtight chamber of the instrument, so the instrument keeps its air tightness and precise reproducibility for long hours.
  • Ceramic plungers are used for volume models larger than 200μL.
  • Filtered Nozzles are used for volume models larger than 1000μL.
  • Tip ejector allows tip ejections without touching the tip.
  • Tip ejector is made of plastic to avoid damaging glass tubes.
  • Additional information

    Volume Setting

    Digital Setting

    Volume range(μL)

    0.1~2, 0.5~10, 2~20, 10~100, 20~200, 100~1000, 1000~5000, 1000~10000