Application Highlight – Endothelial Cell Research

The Endothelial Cell



Angiogenesis plays an essential role in the processes of:

  • Tumor growth
  • Vascularization (formation of new blood vessels with endothelial cells to feed the tumor)
  • Chemotactically recruitment of blood vessel cells towards the tumor

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Endothelial Barrier


Research on cell barrier function in drug research, pharmacology, oncology, cancer, or toxicology

Examples are:

  • blood-brain barrier
  • cell-cell contacts
  • cell junctions

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Long-term cell cultivation of cells under flow conditions for the analysis of

  • polarization
  • protein expression
  • morphology or
  • other changes of the cell under defined shear stress



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Inflammation processes include:

  • Interaction of immune cells (e.g., leucocytes) with blood
  • Rolling and adhesion of vessel cells
  • Transmigration, i.e. moving of, for example, cancer cells through the endothelium
  • Directed movement (chemotaxis) by attraction of immune cell

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