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Single-cell RNA sequencing

Powered By Asteria© Hydrogel Technology

Up to 15,000 cells simultaneously

A high-throughput kit to process large samples. The kit enables the analysis of 4 x 15,000 cells

User-friendly & instrument-free

Accelerate your research thanks to a single-use benchtop kit requiring only basic laboratory techniques

Fast sample processing

Use immediately on your fresh samples and capture your mRNA in 2 hours

Early stable stopping point

Store your sample safely after 2 hours to resume later without loss of genetic information

High-quality automated results

Obtain scRNA-seq data quality equivalent to microfluidic-based technologies

A simple benchtop protocol

From the initial cell suspension, the Asteria scRNA-Seq Kit enables you to do affordable and straightforward, instrument-free single-cell cDNA preparation at your workbench.

Only basic laboratory skills and equipment are needed to examine up to four samples of 15,000 individual cells with each kit, enabling parallel experiments with one kit. Scipio’s novel RevGel-seq™ technology bypasses the need for microfluidics and nano-wells, allowing the kit-based protocol to be completed entirely on the workbench.

Stabilize your mRNA strands in two hours and obtain cDNA that is ready for library preparation by the end of the day. Or pause and store the sample at key intervals to preserve your gene expression profiles and run your experiment at a time that works best for you.

Experience large quantities of mRNA transcripts and high gene diversity with low
multiplet rates to reveal high-fidelity cell subtypes quantification.

Cloud-based analysis with Cytonaut©

All kit users have free access to Cytonaut Analysis Software, making single cell profiling
within reach of the entire genomics research community.

The Cytonaut Cloud Software covers the entire single-cell analysis workflow, from processing raw sequencing data and controlling sequence quality to providing count matrices and sample quality indicators, as well as post-processing results including differential gene expression and interactive data visualization.

Application Notes

Brain Organoids

Oligodendrocyte Precursors

Pancreatic Islets


RevGel‑seq: instrument‑free single‑cell RNA sequencing using a reversible hydrogel for cell‑specific barcoding

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