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  • Adhesive Foil, air-permeable

    For protection of 96-well plates during lysis, for use with BioEcho Lysis Plate 96, Type 2...

    SKU: BEL-050-007-050Manufacturer Part No: 050-007-050UNSPSC Code: 41105504
    £86.34 ex. VAT
  • BioEcho Plate Sealing Roller

    For fast and convenient sealing of 96-well plates....

    SKU: BEL-050-005-001Manufacturer Part No: 050-005-001UNSPSC Code: 41105505
    £28.13 ex. VAT
  • Conditioning Plate 96

    0.8 ml polypropylene round-well V shape-bottom 96 deep-well plate, for elution of void volume during BioEcho Purification Plate...

    SKU: See Product PageManufacturer Part No: See Product PageUNSPSC Code: 41113036
    £14.55£51.42 ex. VAT
  • Elution & Conditioning Plate 384

    Polypropylene microtiter plate (384-well); 200 µl, suitable for plate sandwich centrifugation with 384-well BioEcho Purification Plates...

    SKU: BEL-060-006-008Manufacturer Part No: 060-006-008UNSPSC Code: 41105504
    £82.46 ex. VAT
  • Elution Plate 96

    polypropylene microtiter plate (96-well); 300 µl, suitable for plate sandwich centrifugation with 96-well BioEcho Purification Plates...

    SKU: BEL-060-005-008Manufacturer Part No: 060-005-008UNSPSC Code: 41105504
    £42.69 ex. VAT
  • Lysis Plate 96, Type 1

    For efficient sample lysis (plant) and safe bead-beating with up to 30 Hz; round-well round-bottom, 1.0 ml polypropylene...

    SKU: BEL-060-003-008Manufacturer Part No: 060-003-008UNSPSC Code: 41105504
    £57.24 ex. VAT
  • Lysis Plate 96, Type 2

    For efficient sample lysis (cells, tissue, blood); round-well round-bottom, polypropylene 0.5 ml deep-well plate...

    SKU: BEL-060-004-008Manufacturer Part No: 060-004-008UNSPSC Code: 41105504
    £57.24 ex. VAT
  • Push Cap Mat

    Mat with 96 individual TPE plugs for simple repeated access to individual samples; for sealing of 96-well plates...

    SKU: BEL-050-010-008Manufacturer Part No: 050-010-008UNSPSC Code: 41105504
    £56.27 ex. VAT
  • Sealing Foil, airtight

    For sealing of 96-well or 384-well plates ; just sticks where in contact to surfaces...

    SKU: BEL-050-008-050Manufacturer Part No: 050-008-050UNSPSC Code: 41105504
    £115.45 ex. VAT
  • Silicone Mat 96

    For tight sealing of bead-beating deep-well plates during bead-beating; for use with BioEcho Lysis Plate 96, Type 1...

    SKU: BEL-050-009-008Manufacturer Part No: 050-009-008UNSPSC Code: 41105504
    £86.34 ex. VAT
  • Tube & Cap Strips

    1.1 ml tube strips for sample homogenization and lysis and for storage of purified samples; suitable for bead-beating...

    SKU: BEL-060-002-024Manufacturer Part No: 060-002-024UNSPSC Code: 41121714
    £296.87 ex. VAT

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