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Versatile & accessible single-cell analysis powered by hydrogel technology for every lab

Instrument-free Barcoded cDNA & scRNA-seq Data Interpretation

With the arrival of the Asteria® Single-Cell Benchtop RNA-seq Kit and Cytonaut® Single-Cell Analysis Software, single-cell profiling is now a powerful technique that all genomics researchers can easily add to their repertoires.

Asteria® Single-Cell Benchtop RNA-seq Kit

With the Asteria© Single-cell RNA-seq Benchtop Kit, enjoy a novel sample preparation solution for your single-cell studies on your very own lab bench. Thanks to the powerful RevGEL-seq hydrogel technology, you can profile up to 4 times 15,000 cells with a stable stopping point two hours in.

Cytonaut® Single-Cell Analysis

The Cytonaut Cloud Software covers the entire single-cell analysis workflow, from processing raw sequencing data and controlling sequence quality to providing count matrices and sample quality indicators, as well as post-processing results including differential gene expression and interactive data visualization.

Scipio bioscience is an early-stage company that develops innovative solutions for single-cell sample preparation and data analysis to answer the growing needs of basic and clinical research labs.

Thistle Scientific Ltd is the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for the SciPio range which includes the breakthrough single-cell RNA-sequencing kit Asteria and Cytonaut analysis software.

The Asteria©single-cell RNA-seq kit is the first kit of a range of products to provide complete solutions in single-cell sample preparation. Scipio bioscience’s solutions are designed to make single-cell studies accessible to any researcher at any laboratory bench, without resorting to complex and/or costly instruments.

The patented technology is based on an innovative chemical approach conceived by its President and Co-Founder, Prof Stuart Edelstein, a world-renowned biophysicist. Dr Pierre Walrafen, CEO and Co-Founder of Scipio bioscience, directs the team of experts based in Paris. With its R&D laboratories and offices in Paris, France, Scipio bioscience was supported by the Région Île-de-France and the Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir, operated by BPI France, as well as receiving significant private investment.

Simple, Benchtop Protocol & User-Friendly Cloud Software

Enjoy end-to-end support for a powerful new approach to accessible scRNA-Seq

  • Gain control of your experiments right now and stop waiting for access to microfluidics equipment
  • Take control of single-cell data exploration with intuitive and powerful cloud-based software tools
  • Save the hassles and expense of a major equipment purchase or computing infrastructure and start experimenting today
  • Iterate your experiments to find your answers and publish faster
  • Easily expand your skill set and lab’s workflow with our simple kit and intuitive software

  • Start bridging the gap between the biologist and bioinformatician for single-cell knowledge co-discovery

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Asteria Single-Cell Benchtop RNA-seq Kit

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