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Special Offer – MiniVac from Labogene

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LaboGene’s March Campaign This March, we will be running a campaign for our MiniVac Beta at a great price! What is a MiniVac Beta?  MiniVac Beta is an environment-friendly centrifugal evaporator, designed for rapid and efficient concentration or drying of small samples in tubes. A high sample throughput and recovery, especially on RNA/DNA samples is …

Special Offer – Half Price LifeAct Protein – Live Cell Actin Visualisation

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Do You Need Rapid and Non-Toxic F-Actin Staining?   Benefit From Our Introductory Offer: 50% Off the LifeAct-TagGFP2 Protein, use coupon code LIFEACT at checkout* *limited quantity available LifeAct-TagGFP2 Protein is a recombinant protein for remarkably fast staining and immediate functional analysis of filamentous actin (F-actin) in living and fixed cells—ideal for live cell imaging. …