Other Imaging Reagents

ibidi labware is compatible with a range of immersion oil as shown below. If you dont have a suitable oil, the ibidi immersion oil will work too.

Company Product Ordering Number Lot Number Test Date
ibidi ibidi Immersion Oil 50101 16-12-27 01/2017
Cargille Type A 16482 100592 01/2017
Cargille Type HF 16245 92192 01/2017
Carl Roth Immersion oil X899.1 414220338 01/2017
Leica Immersion Liquid 11513859 n.a. 03/2011
Nikon Immersion Oil F2 30cc* MXA22192 n.a. 01/2020
Nikon Silicone Immersion Oil 30cc MXA22179 20191101 01/2020
Olympus Silicone Immersion Oil SIL300CS-30CC N4190800 01/2017
Zeiss Immersol 518F 444960 160706 01/2017
Zeiss Immersol W 2010 444969 101122 04/2012
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