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Media Perfusion (Shear stress)

ibidi's pump system is a unique pressure driver pump to simulate physiological shear stress levels in cell culture. Combined with channel slides the shear stress level can be varied to suite your requirement.

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  • Placeholder

    Air Pressure Generator

    Ready to use with the ibidi Gas Incubation System

    SKU: IB-11929-230Manufacturer Part No: 11929UNSPSC Code: 40151501
    £784.00 ex. VAT
  • Placeholder
    SKU: IB-10988Manufacturer Part No: 10988UNSPSC Code: 41105108
    £80.17 ex. VAT
  • Elbow Luer Connector Male

    The elbow style connector saves maximal space on the microscope

    SKU: IB-10802Manufacturer Part No: 10802UNSPSC Code: 39121413
    £58.56 ex. VAT
  • Female Luer Lock Coupler

    Coupler for a variety of fluidic setups

    SKU: IB-10823Manufacturer Part No: 10823UNSPSC Code: 41122600
    £58.56 ex. VAT
  • Filter/Reservoir Set

    ready to use

    SKU: See Product PageManufacturer Part No: See Product PageUNSPSC Code: 41121522
    £221.42 ex. VAT
  • Fitting Reducer 0.5/0.8 to 1.6

    Provides simple tube-to-tube connections for sophisticated fluidic setups using different tube sizes

    SKU: IB-10829Manufacturer Part No: 10829UNSPSC Code: 40183110
    £58.56 ex. VAT
  • Fluidic Unit

    Equipped with a holder for one Perfusion Set (10 ml) and connected μ-Slide(s)

    SKU: IB-10903Manufacturer Part No: 10903UNSPSC Code: 40141616
    £1,572.59 ex. VAT
  • Fluidic Unit Quad

    Combines four Fluidic Units into one system

    SKU: IB-10904Manufacturer Part No: 10904UNSPSC Code: 41105100
    £6,186.75 ex. VAT
  • Hose Clip

    Allows easy closing and re-opening of silicone tubing

    SKU: IB-10821Manufacturer Part No: 10821UNSPSC Code: 40141734
    £58.56 ex. VAT
  • ibidi Pump

    Operates up to four parallel Fluidic Units per ibidi Pump

    SKU: IB-10905Manufacturer Part No: 10905UNSPSC Code: 40151500
    £11,650.97 ex. VAT
  • Placeholder

    ibidi Pump Demo Set

    For testing working with the ibidi Pump System

    SKU: IB-10982Manufacturer Part No: 10982UNSPSC Code: 41105108
    £127.89 ex. VAT
  • Placeholder
    SKU: IB-10985Manufacturer Part No: 10985UNSPSC Code: 41105100
  • ibidi Pump System

    Ideal simulation of various physiological conditions - continuous unidirectional, oscillating, and pulsatile flow

    SKU: IB-10902Manufacturer Part No: 10902UNSPSC Code: 40151500
    £13,605.33 ex. VAT
  • ibidi Pump System Quad

    Ideal simulation of various physiological conditions - continuous unidirectional, oscillating, and pulsatile flow

    SKU: IB-10906Manufacturer Part No: 10906UNSPSC Code: 41105100
    £18,165.53 ex. VAT
  • In-line Luer Injection Port

    Allows fluids to be injected with a needle into a running experiment without stopping the flow

    SKU: IB-10820Manufacturer Part No: 10820UNSPSC Code: 41000000
    £58.56 ex. VAT
  • Luer Connector Male

    Straight connector used for vertical tube mounting

    SKU: IB-10824Manufacturer Part No: 10824UNSPSC Code: 39121413
    £58.56 ex. VAT

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