µ-Dish 50 mm, low


Key Features

A 50 mm imaging dish with an ibidi Standard Bottom and low walls, used for high end microscopy and micromanipulation

  • Largest growth area and volume of all ibidi products
  • Large access for micromanipulation
  • Unique ibidi Polymer Coverslip combining
    • Excellent cell culture conditions; and
    • Supreme optical quality for high resolution microscopy
  • Ideal cell growth conditions provided by the ibiTreat surface
  • Lid with lock position, which minimizes evaporation

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Special Requirements?



  • Cell culture and high resolution fluorescence microscopy
  • Cultivation of a maximum number of cells
  • Micromanipulation of single cells
  • Fluorescence microscopy of both living and fixed cells

Technical Features

  • Standard format dish with a 50 mm diameter
  • Made of biocompatible material using no glues, consequently no cells are harmed
  • Rim for easy opening
  • No autofluorescence
  • Compatible with all staining and fixation solvents

Low walls
– Large access for micromanipulation


Ø µ-Dish50 mm
Volume3 ml
Growth area7.0 cm2
Coating area using 400 µl7.9 cm2
Ø observation area30 mm
Height with / without lid12 / 9 mm
Bottom: ibidi Polymer Coverslip

Immunofluorescence of mouse cells
Blue: nucleus (DAPI)
Green: tubulin (Alexa488)

Lid with Lock Position

The special lock feature in all ibidi µ-Dishes enables the user to minimize evaporation. The lock position provides excellent conditions for long term studies in non humidified environments. Gas exchange (carbon dioxide, oxygen) during cell culture is maintained thanks to the gas permeable plastic material of the dish.

TIP: Use the locking feature only if minimal evaporation is required, i.e., outside incubators, non humidified microscopy stages, etc.

ibidi µ-Dish Family: Versions and Variations

High walls:
Used for all standard applications

Low walls:
Provide greater cell access (useful for micromanipulation)

ibidi Polymer Coverslip vs. ibidi Glass Bottom

ibidi Polymer Coverslip

ibidi Glass Bottom

Optical properties
Refractive index (nD 589 nm)1.521.52
Abbe number5655
Thickness#1.5 (180 µm)#1.5H (170 µm)
MaterialMicroscopy plasticD 263M Schott borosilicate glass
TransmissionVery high (even ultraviolet)High (ultraviolet restrictions)
Birefringence (DIC)Low (DIC compatible*)Low (DIC compatible*)
Other aspects
Surface modificationsibiTreat – tissue culture treated
Uncoated – hydrophobic
Only glass
Protein coatingsCompatibleCompatible
Gas permeableYesNo
Material flexibilityHighLow
ApplicationsFluorescence microscopyTIRF and single photon

* Special glass DIC Lids are available separately

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    Uncoated, ibiTreat


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