µ-Slide 18 Well – Flat


Key Features

A µ-Slide with 18 wells for use in matrix tests and quick immunofluorescence stainings

  • Low volume screening slide for medium throughput
  • Cost-effective experiments using small numbers of cells and low volumes of reagents
  • Compatible with multi-channel pipettes

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Special Requirements?



  • Quick immunofluorescence staining of adherent cells
  • Optimization of both surface functionalizations and coatings
  • Fast toxicological screening of small microscopy samples
  • Spotting samples such as RNA assays
  • Cultivation of small organisms

Technical Features:

  • Lettered and numbered wells (A-C; 1-6)
  • Suitable for fluorescence scanners
  • Excellent optical quality for fluorescence microscopy
  • Has a very small open volume and thus suffers from high evaporation rates, i.e., it is only suitable for short-term experiments*

* For longer experiments use the 15 well µ-Slide Angiogenesis


Number of wells 18
Well diameter 5 mm
Volume per well 30 µl
Growth area per well 0.2 cm2
Coating area per well 0.25 cm2
Height with / without lid 5.0 / 1.6 mm
Bottom: ibidi Polymer Coverslip

Define and print your experimental setup

Note: Also available with a 1 μm foil for Laser Microdissection applications

To prevent evaporation during long-term assays place the slides in an Olaf Humidifying Chamber.

Application Examples

Fully compatible with multipipettes
(detach the two outer pipette tips)

For multiple immunofluorescence
stainings or toxicological screenings

To test cell attachment, coat the surfaces with different cell adhesion factors, followed by cell seeding and incubation.

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Uncoated, Collagen, ibiTreat, Poly-L-Lysine


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