µ-Slide I Luer


Key Features

Channel slides with different heights, volumes, and coatings specially suited for flow applications

  • Large area of uniform shear stress
  • Easy connection using Luer adapters
  • Homogeneous cell distribution with defined optical pathway

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  • Adherent cells under flow conditions
  • Cell culture (static or stop-flow)
  • 3D cell culture in gels brought into the channels
  • High-resolution microscopy of living and fixed cells

Technical Features:

  • Standard format with thin bottom for low or high magnification microscopy (up to 100x)
  • Large observation area for microscopy
  • Channel volumes of 50 μl, 100 μl, 150 μl, or 200 μl
  • Defined shear stress and shear rate levels
  • Easy connection to tubes and pumps using Luer adapters
  • Available as variety pack containing all heights
  • Fully compatible with the ibidi Pump System


Channel length50 mm
Channel width5 mm
AdaptersFemale Luer
Volume per reservoir60 μl
Growth area2.5 cm2
Coating area5.2 / 5.4 / 5.6 / 5.8 cm2
Bottom: ibidi Polymer Coverslip

Cells Cultured Under Static or Flow Conditions

Flow cultivation

Static cultivation

Cross Section of the Channel: Same Slide – Different Channel Height and Volume

* not recommended for static culture over more than 6 hours

Choosing the Right Channel for Flow Applications

For flow assays with small amounts of
medium and high values of shear stress
0.2 mm channel
For a wide range of shear stress0.4 mm channel
For controlling low values of shear stress
(<2 dyne /cm²)
0.6 and 0.8 mm


Static Cultures vs. Flow Applications

The general rule is:
Low channels are more suitable for flow applications.
High channels are more suitable for static cell culture.

Select the ideal Perfusion Set for your flow application here.

Compatible with Solvents for Staining and Fixation

HUVEC, cultivated over 7 days at 10 dyn / cm². VE-cadherins are stained in green, cell nuclei are stained in blue.

Influence of Shear Stress on Cultured Cells

Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) cultured under flow conditions (20 dyn / cm²) in a µ-Slide I 0.4 Luer over 9 days. The primary cells were transduced with the adenoviral vector rAV CMV-LifeAct-TagRFP 24 hours prior to the experiment.


Register for a Laboratory Course at ibidi Munich / Germany:
Cell Cultivation under Perfusion and Live Cell Imaging

Kenneth Martin, University College Cork, Ireland

“Thank you for the great products that you have developed over the years. The ibidi Pump System has immeasurably helped our research. We have recently published a paper in “Stem Cells” that uses your flow system, the µ-Slide I Luer, and the µ-Plate 96 Well very effectively. It seems to me that ibidi are constantly coming up with clever and useful products, and I like to keep an eye on what interesting things are coming out next from them.”

Kenneth Martin
University College Cork


Shane R. McSweeney, Cardiovascular Division, BHF Centre of Research Excellence, School of Medicine, King’s College London, United Kingdom

“The µ-Slide I Luer facilitates the culture of endothelial cells under defined complex flow patterns. We are particularly interested in the effects of oscillatory shear stress on redox signaling pathways, and the ibidi Air Pump and Fluidic Units are ideal systems for this purpose. The µ-Slides are convenient for both live and fixed cell imaging as well as the collection of protein and RNA samples and other cell analyses. The system has allowed us to easily investigate physiological shear patterns in vitro without a background in engineering.”

Shane R. McSweeney
Cardiovascular Division
BHF Centre of Research Excellence
School of Medicine
King’s College London
United Kingdom


Dr. Thomas A.J. McKinnon, Imperial College London, UK

„I work with the ibidi slides because they are superior to any other product of this kind on the market. They are easy to use, give consistent results, economical and are suitable for a wide range of applications. The flow slides have without a doubt transformed my labs research and made many new experiments possible. Well done ibidi! I am indeed extremely happy with the ibidi products.”

Dr. Thomas A.J. McKinnon BSc, PhD
Post Doctoral Research Associate
Department of Hematology
Imperial College London


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Uncoated, Collagen, ibiTreat


ibidi Polymer

Chamber Height

0.2 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm