µ-Slide VI – Flat


Key Features

A µ-Slide with 6 parallel channels for short term assays

  • A flat all-in-one chamber for immunfluorescence assays

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Special Requirements?



  • Immunofluorescence assays using expensive or rare reagents
  • Cell-based short-time assays
  • Parallel screening of antibodies

Technical Features:

  • 30 µl test volume, which saves on reagent consumption
  • Compatible with multi-channel pipettes
  • No lid available; to maintain sterility for long-term assays, put the slide into a 10 cm Petri dish
  • Lettered and numbered channels
  • Also suitable with upright microscopes


Aperture Ø4 mm
Total height1.5 mm
Number of channels6
Volume of each channel30 µl
Height of channels0.4 mm
Length of channels17 mm
Width of channels3.8 mm
Growth area per channel0.6 cm²
Coating area per channel1.20 cm²
Bottom: ibidi Polymer Coverslip

Easy Immunofluorescence Protocol

Also suitable for use with upright microscopes

Experimental Example

RAT1 on Collagen IV

Triple immunofluorescence staining of MDCK cells (blue-nucleus, green-F-actin cytoskeleton, red-mitochondria)

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