12 Well Chamber, removable


Key Features

Removable 12 well silicone cultivation chamber for cell culture and immunofluorescence staining

  • Perfect for immunofluorescence staining and long-term sample storage
  • Cost effective classic immunofluorescence assays
  • Large growth area combined with a small staining volume (especially 3 Well Chamber, removable)
  • Suitable for use with upright and inverted microscopes

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Special Requirements?



  • Immunofluorescence assays using standard coverslip techniques
  • Long-term sample storage
  • 12 fold sample preparation of adherent cells and tissue samples

Technical Features:

  • Self-adhesive silicone gasket mounted on a standard glass slide
  • Biocompatible silicone material
  • Non-fluorescent glass slide with frosted ends for easy handling and labeling
  • Suitable for use with upright and inverted microscopes, after staining and mounting with a coverslip
  • Compatible with all common mounting media
  • Optional: The gasket may be transferred to any flat clean surface for cell cultivation


Number of wells 12
Dimensions of wells (w x l x h) in mm 7.5 x
7.5 x 8
per well
250 µl
Growth area
per well
0.56 cm²
Coating area
per well
1.90 cm²
Material Biocompatible silicone
Suitable coverslip size 24 mm x 60 mm
Bottom Glass slide (26 x 76 x 1 mm)

Define and print your
experimental setup

Standard Procedure 3 Well | 8 Well | 12 Well Chamber, removable:

Staining Protocol:

Max-Joseph Kraus, Praxis Geiselgasteig, Grünwald, Germany

“I really love these slides! They are the best that happened to my research workflow. I mainly use the removable 12-well chambers for the high resolution dark field microscopy of platelets and they work excellent for me.”

Max-Joseph Kraus
Praxis Geiselgasteig
Grünwald, Germany

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