3D CoSeedis™ Chip680

SKU: ABC-C680-6 UNSPSC: 41122107 Manufacturer Part No: C680-6 Pack Size: 6
  • Highly reproducible
  • Easy mass production of highly uniform and homogenous organoids
  • Wide range of disease models
  • HTS/HCS compatibility
  • Unique distance co-culture design
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3D CoSeedis™ Chip680, a 3-dimensional (3D) agarose-based co-culture system from abc biopply can be used in standard cell culture plates (24-well plates, see below). The system enables easy and economic seeding, cultivation and evaluation of extra small 3D cell aggregates. In addition, it serves as an array for a standardised colony formation assay (CFA), including read-out.

The system is intended for research only.

The agarose matrix forms a framework of conically shaped cavities and is seeded with cells in suspension. Since agarose repels and prevents cells adhesion, they sediment to the bottom of each cavity where they form hundreds of aggregates per chip.

There is currently one 24-well plate framework available: 3D CoSeedis™ Chip680 for 680 3D cultures. In addition, abc biopply offers two 6-well plate frameworks (P/N: ABC-C200 and ABC-C880).

Agarose is permeable to gases, nutrients and metabolites. Feeding of the cells therefore happens mainly via diffusion. Similarly, cytokines, dyes and other small molecules can easily diffuse through the matrix.

Depending on the type of experiment, different cell types can be seeded and cocultured in the cavities of the chip. Furthermore, it is possible to co-culture the cells in the chip with underlying adherent feeder cells or particles (arrow). Those may provide growth and other factors (via diffusion) while being physically separated from the cells in the chip.  

The chips are provided in 1xPBS w/o Ca2+/Mg2+

Required material

  • 24-well plates with a well diameter of at least 15.5 mm
    • Note: the following plates show the appropriate dimensions and are suitable for 3D CoSeedis™: Corning® Costar®, Falcon®, greiner bio-one CELLSTAR®, Nest®.
  • Spatula for 3D CoSeedis™ C680 (P/N: SPT-V0919) Sterilisation via autoclave or immersion in 70% Ethanol (non-denatured)
  • Cell strainer (pore size 40 µm)
  • Hemocytometer or alternative cell counting device
  • Trypsin/EDTA
  • Vacuum suctions device and fitting pipettes
  • Serological pipettes and according pipetting device
  • Cell culture growth medium incl. supplements Note: we recommend 2.5% serum for 3D cultures. Higher concentrations for clonal growth only.
  • Centrifuge for microtiter plates
  • Analysis tool for cell seeding and volumetric analysis  (free download at: https://biopply.com/support/analysis-tool/)



6 chips (3D CoSeedis™ Chip680) for 680 organoids each in beaker containing 1xPBS w/o Mg2+/Ca2+, compatible with 24-well plates
6 / Pack

SKU: ABC-C680-6

Manufacturer Part No: C680-6

UNSPSC Code: 41122107

Price: £1,512.11 ex. VAT
3D CoSeedis™ Chip680, 1 chip for 680 organoids in aluminium bag containing 1xPBS w/o Mg2+/Ca2+, compatible with 24-well plates
1 / Each


Manufacturer Part No: C680

UNSPSC Code: 41122107

Price: £338.38 ex. VAT
12 chips (3D CoSeedis™ Chip680) for 680 organoids each in beaker containing 1xPBS w/o Mg2+/Ca2+, compatible with 24-well plates
6 / Pack

SKU: ABC-C680-12

Manufacturer Part No: C680-12

UNSPSC Code: 41122107

Price: £2,190.07 ex. VAT
1 / Each


Manufacturer Part No: SPT-V0919

UNSPSC Code: 41122403

Price: £126.51 ex. VAT

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