Bullet Blender Gold

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Key Features

Homogenizer for 24 samples in microcentrifuge tubes with a more powerful motor. Cooling to maintain 4°C sample temperature. Includes starter kit of beads, scoops and tubes.

£7,674.00 £6,750.00
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Bullet Blender Gold

The Bullet Blender Gold combines 4°C Cooling™, noise insulation to keep homogenization quiet, and extra-powerful homogenization for tough samples. This homogenizer for tissue or cell cultures, can process up to 24 samples in parallel, each sample up to 0.3g each in a microcentrifuge tube (1.5 mL screw-cap RINO tubes or snap-cap Eppendorf safe-lock tubes).

Includes the following:

  • Bullet Blender 24 Gold
  • Operator’s Manual
  • Basic starter kit which includes:
    • Bead Sample Pack contains samples of eight different bead types.
    • Spatula and spoon for dispensing beads
    • Sample pack of Eppendorf Safe-lock tubes
    • Sample pack of RINO screw-cap tubes