Centrifuge Tubes, 15 ml, Conical base, Clear, Polypropylene, Blue Cap, 500

£70.86 £50.00

Key Features

  • Large white frosted portion for easy writing
  • Silk-Screen graduation makes identification easy
  • Option of Amber color for light sensitive sample
  • Built in plug in the cap makes it leak proof
  • Free from natural rubber, heavy metal
  • Radiation Sterilized
  • Maximum RCF 15000
  • Can be autoclaved
£70.86 £50.00
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Centrifuge Tubes, 15 ml, Conical base, Clear, Polypropylene, Blue Cap, 500

Abdos centrifuge tubes are manufactured from ultra-pure USP class VI certified virgin polypropylene to ensure the highest quality & confirming to US FDA 21 CFR. They are free from heavy metals, natural rubber & inhibitory plasticizers. A robust polymer selection process ensures Abdos tube do not leech & migrate unwanted substances into your sample.

The unique printing technology makes the surface chemical resistant & scratch proof and includes a large white frosted portion for easy writing.

  • Even wall thickness to withstand maximum G-force, 15000 RCF.
  • Suitable for temperatures of -80° to +121° C.
  • Sterile tubes have been validated according to ENISO 11137-2; SAL 10 -6
  • Highly transparent, 5% less haze percentage than a competitor.
  • Hydrodynamic conical bottom for perfect pelleting of sediments.

The Cap

Specially designed flat thread forms a perfect vacuum tight closure.

Unique plug seal ensures perfect sealing giving a leak free seal.

Perfect grip on screw caps provides secure control on the cap in wet conditions.

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