EchoCLEAN DNA CleanUp (for DNA >50 bp) (50)


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For single-step cleanup and desalting of DNA > 50 bp in just 3 minutes. Reliably removes all unwanted molecules and contaminants such as oligonucleotides, inhibitors and salts

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One step cleanup kit for the removal of inhibitory activities and impurities from prepurified samples of DNA > 50 bp. Efficiently removes salt, detergent, nucleotides, primers, proteins/enzymes and many other inhibitors of downstream applications. Suitable for DNA fragments, plasmid DNA and genomic DNA.

Only one purification step, ready in just 3 minutes.

EchoCLEAN kits are based on the principle of reverse chromatography, where impurities like salt, detergent, proteins and dNTPs are removed by the column material and the purified nucleic acid is collected in the flow-through in just one single centrifugation step. This convenient procedure enables a significantly faster purification of nucleic acid samples than standard bind-wash-elute procedures, with less handling, drastically reduced plastic consumable usage and no use of hazardous materials like chaotropic salts or organic solvents.

When using EchoCLEAN kits the recovery of nucleic acids is close to 100% since there is no loss of DNA caused by the binding to a carrier material. In comparison, binding to e.g. a silica membrane in bind-wash elute procedures will cause a loss of up to 30% of the target nucleic acid material. Also, traces of chaotropic salt and ethanol are usually coeluted with these purification procedures, which often leads to inhibition of real-time PCR experiments. Since EchoCLEAN kits do not contain any chaotropic salts, organic solvents or EDTA, a superior performance is seen in real-time PCR, even with undiluted samples.

Because of the reverse chromatography principle, there is no limitation to the amount of DNA that is cleaned up. Maximum sample volume is 100 µl. The purified nucleic acid is eluted in low mM tris buffer, pH 8,2 and can immediately be used for downstream applications.

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