Key Features

A fusion reagent used to efficiently label cellular plasma membranes in tissue material or thick tissue sheets

  • Fusogenic liposomes are used as a carrier for lipophilic dye
  • Superior fusion efficiency (up to 80-100%)
  • Fusion process completed within 10 – 30 minutes
  • Labeling of up to 10 stacked cell layers
  • Ready to use

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Special Requirements?



  • Live cell imaging in a tissue environment for any kind of microscopic technique, including those optimized for thick specimens (e.g., confocal, two-photon, and light-sheet microscopy)
  • Labeling of tissue samples before microtome dissection


Form Solution
Concentration 3 mM
Storage -20 °C
ExMax/EmMax 549/565 nm (red)

After membrane fusion, cells can immediately be analyzed. Accurate characterization of cell number, localization, and intercellular crosstalk is vital for an overall understanding of cell behavior in tissues. For the very first time, Fuse-It-T enables you to do all of these processes in just one single step. Upon request, additional labeling can be provided.

Rat embryonal rat heart sample labeled with Fuse-It-T for 10 minutes and imaged as Z-stack

Principle of Membrane Fusion

The incorporation of small liposomal carriers into the plasma membrane of mammalian cells is the idea behind all of ibidi’s Fuse-It products. Liposomal carriers are able to attach and instantly fuse with plasma membranes in a physicochemical-driven manner. ibidi’s new Fuse-It reagents efficiently use this mechanism and fuse with mammalian cell surfaces immediately upon contact. Therefore, this novel technique makes the transfer of molecules independent of biological processes, such as endocytosis, pinocytosis, or specific receptor binding.

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100 µl, 400 µl