Garnet Sharp Homogenisation Particles 454g

Garnet Sharp Particles
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Cat. No.  11079103gar     0.3mm diameter
Cat. No.  11079110gar     1.0mm diameter
Cat. No.  11079120gar     2.0mm diameter

Like Silicon Carbide sharp particles, these abrasive particles have sharp cutting edges that may accelerate lysis of plant and tough animal tissue in a Mini-Beadbeater vial.

Unlike Silicon Carbide particles, Garnet particles fracture into smaller size particles during the beadbeating process. This can be an advantage if you want to simultaniously lyse a sample of tissue containing microbial cells. Similiarly, large 1 or 2 mm dia particles help disperse feces samples and, at the same time lyse microorganisms in the sample.  Garnet particles should not be used to disrupt tissue if the goal is to recover viable microbial cells or intact intracellular organelles.

NOTE: Garnet Particles should not be used with the BeadBeater 1107900.