ibidi Freezing Medium Direct


Key Features

A cell freezing medium for standard cell lines and hybridoma cells

  • No preliminary or sequential freezing required
  • No cell centrifugation required—high throughput cultivation possible
  • Extremely high recovery rates
Special Requirements?


Technical Features:

  • No cell centrifugation required
  • Direct freezing at -80°C, or by using liquid nitrogen
  • Tested for sterility, endotoxins, mycoplasma, fungi, and bacteria
  • Serum-free – contains Bovine Serum Albumin


Application Area Standard cell lines + Hybridoma Cell Lines
High Throughput Yes
Serum Replacement Bovine Serum Albumin
Appearance Optically clear
Storage of product 4 °C

No Centrifugation of Cells Required – Perfectly Suited for Hybridoma Cells

ibidi Freezing Medium Direct is a novel cell freezing medium, which can be added directly to the culture medium, without centrifuging the collected cells. After suspending the cells, the user can freeze and preserve the cells in a deep freezer at -80 °C. In order to meet customers’ requests, this product has been modified to eliminate any steps before freezing. This newly developed medium significantly maximizes work efficiency.

High Recovery Rate 12 Months After Freezing:

Before freezing

ibidi Freezing Medium Direct

Three different cell lines before freezing and 12 months after. The cells were stored at -80°C.