ibidi Mounting Medium With DAPI


Key Features

A mounting medium with DAPI that is optimized for fluorescence microscopy with ibidi µ-Slides and µ-Dishes

  • DAPI counterstaining and mounting combined in one single step
  • Ready-to-use in immunofluorescence assays using widefield fluorescence and confocal microscopy
  • Dropper bottle for exact dispensing into channels or open wells
  • Brilliant fluorescence signals with low background fluorescence
Special Requirements?



Technical Features:

  • Specially designed for mounting ibidi µ-Slides, µ-Dishes, and µ-Plates
  • Contains DAPI for nuclear counterstaining, also available without DAPI
  • Contains antioxidant agent (DABCO) to preserve fluorochromes
  • Provides optimal pH for detecting fluorescence signals
  • Non-drying, non-hardening, and volume-stable
  • Low autofluorescence for reduced background


AppearanceLiquid, optically clear
Refractive index nD1.42–1.44
Staining specificityDNA/RNA (nucleus)
DAPI-DNA (Exmax / Emmax)358 / 461 nm
Storage of mounted samplesIn the dark at 2–8°C
Product storageIn the dark at 2–8°C

Principle of the ibidi Mounting Medium With DAPI

The aqueous, non-hardening ibidi Mounting Medium With DAPI is ideal for mounting immunofluorescence-stained samples that require counterstaining of the nucleus.

It is specifically designed to be used with ibidi µ-Slides and µ-Dishes. Being non-hardening, the ibidi Mounting Medium with DAPI also facilitates the mounting of samples in channel µ-Slides.

The ibidi Mounting Medium with DAPI contains a working concentration of DAPI (4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole), which is a convenient DNA-binding fluorescent dye. This nucleus label is a robust nuclear/chromosomal counterstain, which is the gold-standard for immunofluorescence assays.

When bound to DNA, the fluorescence intensity of DAPI is much higher than when it is in solution. This enables direct fluorescence microscopy and the long-term storage of slides mounted with the ibidi Mounting Medium with DAPI.

With an excitation maximum of 358 nm and an emission maximum of 461 nm, the DAPI fluorescence signal exhibits a minimal spectral overlap with other frequently used fluorescence dyes in immunocytochemistry (e.g., GFP and similar dyes with even longer wavelengths).

Easy Filling

The dropper bottle of the ibidi Mounting Medium With DAPI is suitable for convenient and easy filling of all sorts of slide and dish types (e.g., ibidi µ-Dishes, Chambered Coverslips, and Channel Slides).

Low Bleaching of Fluorochromes in Stained Samples

The ibidi Mounting Medium With DAPI contains the anti-bleaching reagent 1,4–diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane (DABCO). This antifade agent drastically reduces photobleaching of fluorochromes in immunofluorescence microscopy. This preserves a strong fluorescence signal in the sample.

High Signal and Low Background Fluorescence

The ibidi Mounting Medium With DAPI gives the best signal-to-noise-ratio on the market. Competitor products show a lower DAPI signal and a higher background fluorescence.