Nichipet EX II MULTI


Key Features

Autoclavable Multi Channel Pipette

Nichipet EX II MULTI
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Special Requirements?


  • Material used has high tolerance to solvents and to drop impact.
  • New function provides the maintenance easily * in-house comparison
  • Improved operability by one-hand ejection remarkably * in-house comparison
  • Reduced fatigue for pipetting compared with the conventional products * in-house comparison
  • Easy sterilization process
  • This will not be worn out within the clean bench work
  • Suitable for culture work in clean bench
  • Suitable for dispensing to 96 well micro plates
  • It minimizes the lever shifting and avoids drifting of volume setting during pipetting.
  • Additional information

    Volume Setting

    Digital Setting

    Volume range(μL)

    0.5~10, 5~100, 20~200, 30~300, 0.5~10, 5~100, 20~200, 30~300


    8, 12