Nichipet Premium


Key Features

1.Glass-made counter window

This will not be worn out within the clean bench work and be enlarged easy to read the volume.

2. Lock mechanism

New material used for 4notche-lock improves its strength, which minimizes the lever shift from the original position.

3. Body

Materials used for pipette body have high tolerance to solvents and drop impact.

4. Plunger

Non corrosive ceramic used in the plunger. (100µL ‒ 10000µL)

5. Seal ring

Seal ring for the Premium is tested dispensing / aspirating 600,000 times. Non-greased plunger makes it easy to maintain. (2µL-1000µL) The test was conducted by Nichiryo.The test result may vary with condition of usage.

6. Nozzle

Nozzle top has highly abrasion tolerant. (2µL-200µL)

7. Hyper Blower system

Hyper blower system improves dispensing effi ciency, especially on 2µL and on 10µL dispensing. especially on 2µL and on 10µL dispensing.

Nichipet Premium
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Innovation in "Durability" and "Strength" Accessory

  • Seal ring for the Premium is tested dispensing / aspirating 600,000 times.( 2μL – 200μL )
  • Nozzle top is highly abrasion tolerant. ( 2μL- 1000μL )
  • Non corrosive ceramic is used for the plunger ( 100μL – 10mL )

Innovation in "Stability" and "Precision" Accessory

  • Hyper Blower System, longer second-push stroke, improves dispensing efficiency. (2μL,10μL,20μL)
  • Easy-Calibration function provides simple lab calibration.
  • Hand temperature doesn’t permeate through the body of the pipette which works to avoid affecting volume measurement. ( Patented )

Innovation in "Fatigue-Free" and "Comfort" Accessory Shortened

  • New round shape of the Premium mitigates fatigue and stress from heavy workload.
  • Enlarged push button makes it easy to depress.
  • White body color mitigates reflection of room light.

* All features of Nichipet EXⅡ are available on Nichipet Premium.

Additional information

Volume Setting

Digital Setting

Volume range(μL)

0.1~2, 0.5~10, 2~20, 10~100, 20~200, 100~1000, 1000~5000, 1000~10000