innuPREP RNA Kit–IPC16


Key Features


  • Easy, automated extraction of total RNA
  • Optimized for isolating total RNA from a wide variety of tissue samples and cells
  • No need for highly toxic ß-mercaptoethanol
  • Spin Filter column for selective DNA removal reduces time required (no DNase I digestion)
  • Greatly reduced contamination risk
  • Kit contains all consumables and prefilled reagents
  • Based on magnetic particle separation in the InnuPure® C16 touch
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Product Info

The innuPREP RNA Kit-IPC16, which has been optimized for the InnuPure® C16 touch, makes it possible to automate RNA extraction from a wide variety of tissue samples and cells. Lysis is especially efficient and requires no more than 20 to 30 minutes to complete (depending on the starting material. Genomic DNA is then selectively removed via centrifugation with Spin Filter columns, a step that eliminates the need for time-consuming enzymatic DNA digestion. Subsequent steps, which include binding and washing the total RNA, as well as the final elution step, proceed in the InnuPure® C16 touch and are fully automated. The extraction process is based on separation by magnetic particles, which bind RNA due to the buffer conditions adjusted. Prefilled Reagent Strips or Reagent Plates, prevent any potential contamination. The magnetic particles and extraction protocols have been specially adapted for isolating RNA and, as such, guarantee highly pure RNA and excellent yields.

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16 reactions, 96 reactions, 480 reactions

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Parallel, Individual